Fortran for Speed, Python for Comfort

Fwrap wraps Fortran code in C, Cython and Python. It focuses on Fortran 90 and 95, and will work with Fortran 77 so long as you limit yourself to “sane” Fortran 77. [1]

Fwrap is licensed under the new BSD license.

Fwrap is in beta-stage until otherwise indicated. All commandline options and public APIs are subject to change.

Fwrap changed its SCM from Mercurial to Git (github with a mirror on sourceforge). You can access the main development repository here on github.

Download Fwrap

Get the lastest version here.


Tested with 2.5 & 2.6 (2.4 in the near future, 3.x planned)
Tested with NumPy >= 1.3.0
Tested with Cython >= 0.11

A Fortran 90 compiler

Known to work with:

  • gfortran >= 4.4.1
  • ifort >= 11.1
  • g95 >= 0.92

Bug reports, Wiki & Mailing list

Fwrap trac
For bug reports, wiki pages, etc.
Questions, comments, patches, help...


Git repository
To get the latest development version
Development blog
For all fwrap-related news